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Smiles, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions:
At this time our waiting list is long so we are only taking names and phone numbers.  We will contact you when an appointment is available and get your application then.

Q: How do I qualify for services?
A: Services are provided for low income adults with no dental insurance in our surrounding area. You will need to submit an application, proof of income for everyone in the family over the age of 18 and a photo ID.

Q:  Do I have to come to Smiles to get an application or turn one in?
A:  No, there are several ways to get an application. You can call us and we will mail or email it to you. We only accept complete applications so be sure to include your proof of income, a copy of your photo ID, and a copy of your insurance card (if you have one) when you send it to us.

Q:  What if I do not have any income?
A:  If you get food stamps you can bring the letter they give you as proof of your income or you can download the Zero Income form filled out by someone who knows you do not have any income.  This needs to be filled out and signed by someone who is not related to you and does not live in the house with you.  It needs to be signed in front of a notary and notarized.

Q:  What if I live in Jackson County Alabama?
A:  All Jackson County residents must apply through the Community Action Center.  To schedule an appointment to apply call Norma Harvey.  She is in Scottsboro Mondays, Tuesdays and the first half of Wednesday.  The phone number for Scottsboro is 256-259-5357.  She is in Stevenson the 2nd half of Wednesday, and all day Thursday and Friday.  The Stevenson phone number is 256-437-2210.  The application and requirements to apply are the same as if you come directly to Smiles.

Q:  What Counties do you serve?
A:  Anybody that is close enough to come to Smiles in South Pittsburg for an appointment and meets the low-income/no insurance requirements are welcome.

Q:  What dental services does Smiles provide?
A:  We do extractions, dentures, cleanings, and some fillings. 

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  Extractions and cleanings are free. Dentures and/or partials are $75 for top and $75 for bottom. 

Q: What do I need to bring to my appointment?
A; You should have completed an application prior to getting an appointment so you do not need to bring anything.  We encourage you to eat something before your appointment as you will not want or need to eat for a little while after having teeth extracted.

Q: What are your hours of operation:
A: At this time we are only open when we have Dental Volunteers available. If you are on our waiting list, we will call you when it is time to get you scheduled. 

Q:  Do you give prescriptions for pain medicine?
A:  No.  Most pain is easily controlled by-over-the counter Tylenol.

Q. What do I need to do after having teeth pulled?
A:  You need to keep gauze (which we will provide) over the extraction site until the bleeding stops.  If you have excessive bleeding you can wet a tea bag and bite on it.  The tannic acid in the tea bag will help stop the bleeding.  Do not suck on a straw or smoke for 24 hours.  Do not brush the affected area for a week.  Eat soft foods for a day or two.

Q:  What if I am on blood thinner?
A:  You will need to ask the doctor who prescribes it if it is safe to stop taking it for a few days and bring a note from him stating that.  AFTER your doctor okays it you will need to stop taking it for 72 hours before your appointment.  You can usually start taking it again the day after your dental appointment.  DO NOT STOP TAKING IT UNLESS YOUR DOCTOR GIVES YOU WRITTEN PERMISSION!

Q:  What if I need antibiotics?
A:  If you need antibiotics before your appointment you will need to get a prescription from your primary medical doctor.  If the dentist says you need antibiotics during your appointment they will call in a prescription for you.

Q: Do you sell my information?
A: NO, ALL information is private and confidential. 

Q: Will my visit be confidential?
A: YES, ALL information is private and confidential.

If you do not see the answers you are seeking listed on the page above, please contact us for more information.
Phone: 423.228.3077 or SmilesFreeDental@Yahoo.com